Culinary Workshops

For Adults

Polish Flavors Workshop at Le Fond was a series of 7 culinary workshops that rediscover the modern taste of Polish traditional cuisine. During the workshops we were discovering the richness of Polish cuisine, exploring forgotten flavours of vegetables, spices, and dishes while focusing on different aspects of a meal like the taste and visual presentation. It was great to take part at the community table for cooking, gathering and celebrating food.

Polish Flavours Introduction


Midsummer Strawberry


Having Fun


For Kids

Tart Shell:

The aim of the workshop was to present a tart shell to the kids as an object of their culinary experience. There were a variety of edible fillings. For the decoration, we used: seasonal fruits, cookies, fudge, Polish candies, colorful pearls, sprinkles. Kids with their sensibility of the taste choices were putting out their fantasies and creativity. Moreover, the workshops familiarised children with the typical Polish food products and showed them an alternative form to the cupcakes. Polish mini tarts are tasty, healthy and colorful.


Watermelon pizza:

The aim of the workshop was to present a healthy version of pizza. We proposed to use a very unique crust which is made of fruits. We chose a slice of watermelon. It was really fresh and juicy during the late summertime. It made the perfect base to create the flavors: savory, fruity and sweet. For the decoration we used: seasonal fruits an vegetables, dried fruits, nuts, seeds, Polish candies, colorful pearls, sprinkles, and cheese. Polish watermelon pizza was fun!